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The Maker's Chore Coat

It all begins with an idea. The capacity we humans have to then carry that idea over to physical form, is innate within all of us.

Whether it’s by cooking, fixing an old engine, producing a record, gardening, or DIY’ing our halloween costume, the simple act of transcending thought into form is what makes us all creatives.

The Maker’s Chore Coat seeks to celebrate every single one of us, reminding us that the ability to create is simply one idea away.

Reminding us, that we are all makers

Miguel Torres

“I feel most creative when I’m all alone and watching or listening to the birds do their thing.”

Miguel’s work is an exploration of ideas. It’s an attempt to mine at concepts and movements that bring him closer to feeling like a complete human being.

Check out Miguel’s beautiful ceramics work here.

Carrie Burckle

“I loved rooting in my grandparents attics and basements looking for the trinket that had potential to tell a story. These early memories and experiences influenced my attraction to the things that are often overlooked, forgotten or discarded.”

Carrie Burckle is a visual artist, maker, and educator. Her work combines traditional fiber processes and sculptural objects into layered, expressive, and contemplative works about the body, the marginalized, and the overlooked in a society that craves the new, the fastest, and the cheapest.

Carrie considers herself a life long learner and loves growing and stretching in her work. She has over 30 years of teaching in her career and feels that she gains as much from her students as they gain from her. She co-founded Textile Arts Los Angeles, an organization that cultivates and promotes textile art and design.

Ginger Jarvis

Creative Director, Educator, and Multidisciplinary Artist.

Ginger's work brings together technology, fine arts, and research to tell compelling visual stories. As a grapheme-color synesthete, color is the driving force behind her artwork.

She believes in the power of art to express anything, and the prowess of women to make extraordinary creative.

Natalie Cruz & Christian Franzen

“The most inspiring moments, I find, come when I’m gardening, going for a walk, I’m making coffee or tea, when I look at the sky– at any time but especially at dusk. When I look at a body of water at night. Truthfully, just when I can think and be in my body, uninterrupted. ” – Natalie

Natalie Cruz is an artist living in Los Angeles. Growing up in Southern California she has been fortunate to experience a diverse society. It’s something she holds dear to her heart as she continues to learn and grow. Her creative interest vary based on her mood or state of mind. She enjoys things that force her to slow down.

“I feel the most inspired when I am driving in my car.” – Christian

Christian Franzen is an artist living in Los Angeles, California. His work explores archetypal imagery and visual perceptions of various Southern California subcultures.